FIFA World Cup 2018 stadiums, Russia

Providing Stadium Address and broadcast systems

This project is one of the most iconic and prestigious projects for OKNO-TV and our government. In 2018, for the first time in its history, Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup.

According to the new requirements for sound reinforcement in Russian stadiums, adopted literally before the games, the championship contractors had to install twice as many amplifiers and speakers as compared to the previous championships.

The public address system of a stadium must now be able to transmit any announcement clearly and louder than the roaring of the crowds by 6dB – at no less than 116dB. For previous tournaments this parameter was 105-110dB. This small change actually led to the doubling of acoustic and amplification systems. The challenge was accepted, and OKNO-TV successfully managed the task!

At the Nizhny Novgorod stadium, OKNO-TV designed, supplied, installed, commissioned and provided technical support for equipment during the football matches. On top of this, we installed systems for TV and radio broadcasting, amplification and a press centre.

Christian Stiegler, the head of Stadium Management, competitions and events for FIFA said of OKNO-TV: “During the stadium inspection, I appraised the sound as “very good”, and wrote about this in my official findings. The document format did not allow me to add what I will tell you now. I have so far inspected five stadiums. The sound here, its clarity and force are the most impressive. Congratulations!”

In the “St Petersburg Arena”, the OKNO-TV team delivered an array of media systems: an operational control area, a fully functional public address system for the arena and surrounding territory, television and radio broadcasting systems, equipping a press centre, and an intercom system.

For the first time in its history, the company developed a technology for lifting and installing the large-tonnage clusters of amplification equipment to a height of 62m. Furthermore, under extreme time pressure, a Presidential communication channel was installed.

At the Volgograd Arena stadium, OKNO-TV carried out the design, equipment supply, commissioning and technical support of the screen hardware room.

In the Luzhniki, Kaliningrad, Samara Arena, Mordovia Arena and Rostov Arena, our team developed routing systems, automatic cluster volume regulation, and installed systems for the hearing and visually impaired. The world community gave the highest ratings to the level of organisation of the championship, and we are proud to recognise our role in the brilliant realisation of the largest sporting event in Russian history.

The FIFA committee recognised the organisation and technological infrastructure of the stadiums as the best in the history of these games.

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