Bolshoi Theatre Moscow

Audio Equipment Supply

In 2017, our company upgraded the sound equipment of one of the main symbols of Russia, the chief domestic theatre and one of the most important opera and ballet theaters in the world.

The Bolshoi Theatre is a place where some of the greatest voices, not only in Russia, but on the world stage, can be heard. To bring the beauty and nuanced perfection of some of the planet’s finest vocalists out, it is essential to use the very best microphones.

For the country’s most important stage, we selected microphones from a manufacturer that has distinguished itself in all fields of professional audio: studios, concert halls, in television and radio broadcast, theatres and the movie industry.

One of the key points of opera singing is the huge dynamic range of the human voice. For the majority of microphones, working at a long distance from the source presents an insurmountable obstacle to the capture and transmission of sound without distortion.

The advantage of the selected microphones lies in their ability to fix clean, undistorted sound at the highest possible recording level. Now modern technology allows art lovers to enjoy the greatest productions performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia.

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