Moscow Academic Theatre of Satire

Full technical equipment

We completed a large-scale project of full technical equipment of one of the most visited Moscow theaters, opened by a group of satirists, actors and stage directors in 1924.

The unique semicircular hall for 1200 seats was equipped with components of pre-amplifying and amplifying complex and multi-channel microphone system.

When designing the systems, we could not ignore the fact that the theater is located on the Garden Ring and has almost the most noisy radio ether. It was equally important to provide high-quality and legible sound during performances with dynamic scenes, numerous phonograms, live orchestra and artists moving quickly on the stage. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of technical control of such a diverse sound. Moreover, our specialists have fulfilled their work at the highest level.

The solutions proposed by our specialists have greatly simplified the work of sound engineers and actors, as well as allowed to achieve a high level of sound.

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