"Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary of the Nizhny Novgorod Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church"

Design and supply of sound equipment

In 2017, we implemented the project on design and supply of sound equipment for the "Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary". Having carried out a complex acoustic calculation, our specialists provided good audibility and intelligibility of the choir singing, the voices of the clergy from the altar, from the soliums and the space of the church without any echo effect.

Our specialists have installed a modern sound reinforcement system and acoustic systems. Thanks to the design, these systems do not attract attention to themselves and do not change the entourage of the church premises. Technical characteristics of the selected equipment allow providing sound to spaces of any complexity.

The microphone pool consists of conference systems of the world's leading manufacturers. Despite the ease of use, they have many important functions. They allow connecting the required number of microphones for holding conferences, briefings, seminars and colloquiums.

The complexity of such projects lies in the acoustic features of the halls. The extensive experience of installations in churches and cathedrals allowed our engineers to achieve the perfect sound throughout the premises.

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