Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Design and supply of radio systems and equipment for signal reproduction

Our company has equipped with new sound equipment one of the oldest circuses in Russia, which accepted its first spectators in far 1880.

The complexity of the project was in the features of the circus hall, where almost all the space is a working area. It imposed the restrictions on the ways of placing the sound equipment. This was especially true for the complex microphone radio systems, the correct placement and configuration of which ensured the reliable and stable operation of sound equipment as a whole.

The reliable communication between the sound engineer of the show and the ringmaster, managing the performance, was provided by the monitoring system. The speech of the host and the replicas of the artists performing on the arena, were brought to the spectators by a multi-channel radio system, equipped with transmitters. The sound of a live orchestra is transmitted by a set of specialized instrumental microphones. The players with instant start of any musical fragment were used as devices for high-quality playback of phonograms in order to make unplanned improvisations look like part of the performance.

To mix a large number of microphone channels and music sources, two digital consoles containing a full set of sound processing were supplied to the circus. They were combined into a common sound network.

We are glad that we had the honor to be involved in the bright holiday and the feeling of happiness that the circus gives to its visitors.

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