The World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship 2019

Design and installation of television and service communication systems

From 19 to 21 of July, Moscow hosted the World Junior Championship, which is the first in the history of gymnastics. The competitions were held in the Center of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Irina Viner-Usmanova.

Our engineers have installed the system of technological television (STT) which allows producing a television broadcasting of the competition on the video screens in cable TV and the Internet. In the framework of STT, our team equipped three training halls of the Centre with a sound reinforcement system and video conferencing.

In addition to STT our specialists have installed a System of technological communication (STC), which provides high-quality audio communication between the participants of the media production process. The advantage of the systems is close integration with video screens, sound amplification, TV broadcasting and the conference room.

According to the world community, the Championship was held at the highest level!

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