“Arctic” Ice Palace in Vidnoye town

Digital media-complex for a small sporting arena

Specialists of OKNO-TV developed a media-complex which comprises all required systems using state-of-art technologies enabling to hold full-scale sporting events at large and small arenas, stands for 250-300 spectators.

For a hokey arena of the “Arctic” Ice Palace our engineers have installed a video-production complex, Videogol judging system, sound amplifying system enabling to deliver sound across the entire playing field, and smart videography for broadcasting events in automatic mode (without an operator).

OKNO-TV provided technical support for an unusual hokey competition, “Stars Against Bloggers” which was held in November, 2019. The deployed system of video-production and sound arrangement allowed to display interesting moments of the match and the pregame show on a big video-screen, with a high quality. The video-production complex provides full media support for an event: score, chronometry, referee’s information, team roster, video replays, etc. Commercials and photographs of team members were also displayed.

Such a complex of equipment has given a good account when a tournament of amateur teams was held in the “Arctic” Ice Palace, and it will provide holding of further scheduled events.

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