MATCH TV Channel

Building a newsroom complex

On the 1st November 2015, the Match sports news channel was launched. The completely tapeless environment was built in a record 3 months. OKNO-TV provided the design, supply and installation of equipment in the shortest possible time.

OKNO-TV’s engineers used workstations as the basis of a non-linear news editing section, performing the tasks of complex editing and audio editing the materials. This type of workstation was installed in two studio complexes. The foundation of the journalist workspace was a software product which provides a complete set of tools for the full cycle of news production.

OKNO-TV’s specialists also introduced a tracking system into the studio which allows graphic content to be aired during live transmission providing a kind of augmented reality “on the fly”. Further broadcast graphics systems were installed and deployed to the studio complexes. The news complex, built with the most up-to-date equipment, greatly simplified the operation for the broadcast team and provided viewers with the highest quality news.

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