Television channel "MATCH"

Building the newsroom of the complex

The sports news channel "Match" was launched on November 1st, 2015. The fully tape-free complex was completed within record of 3 months. The team of "OKNO-TV" carried out the design, supply of equipment and installation in the shortest possible time.

The engineers of "OKNO-TV" used the work stations as the basis of the non-linear news editing section, which perform the tasks of complex editing and high-resolution sounding of the materials. The stations of this type were installed in two hardware-studio complexes. As the basis of the journalistic office the company "OKNO-TV" chose a software product that offers for the journalists all the necessary tools for a full cycle of news production.

The specialists of "OKNO-TV» also introduced a tracking system in the studio of the hardware-studio unit, which allows performing graphic design of the live broadcasting in the form of augmented virtual reality "on the fly". In addition, the visualization and graphic design systems for live broadcasing were installed and deployed for hardware and studio units. The news complex, built on the latest equipment, has simplified the work of employees, providing the spectators with the highest quality news.

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