The 2008 Olympic Games, China

Creating a mobile complex for “NTV Plus”

The Olympic games are watched by the whole world, wherever they take place. All the largest television channels send their best crews with the latest equipment, and TV channel “NTV Plus” was no exception.

Our engineers assembled a mobile station comprising state of the art equipment especially for filming in Beijing in 2008, including 2 broadcast channels, and ingest. The project was unique in that the mobile solution included HD input ports for high quality image transmission. OKNO-TV’s specialists assembled and tested the solution in the space of a month, then packed up the equipment and dispatched it to Beijing.

In the summer of 2008, when the equipment had been delivered to China, our specialists once again assembled and configured the mobile HD station which had been used at the Olympics for 2 ½ weeks, to broadcast international sporting competitions in other countries.

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