The Olympic Games in China 2008

The creation of a mobile complex for "NTV-PLUS»

The Olympic Games, wherever they take place, are watched by the whole world. All major TV channels send the best crews with the latest equipment, and the TV channel "NTV-Plus» was no exception.

Especially for shooting films in Beijing in 2008, our engineers assembled a mobile complex of the state of the art equipment, which included 2 air channels and injest. The project is unique in that the mobile kit included HD-ports for high-quality image transmission. The specialists of the company «OKNO-TV" collected and tested the mobile complex within a month, then packed and sent it to Beijing.

In the summer of 2008, after the delivery of the equipment to China, our specialists re-assembled and tuned the mobile HD-kit, which worked at the Olympic Games for 2.5 weeks, to broadcast international sports competitions in other countries.

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