The CSKA stadium

Creating an information display system, public address, television and radio broadcast systems, and a press centre

OKNO-TV performed a technical fit-out on the new stadium of one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Russia’s post-soviet era.

The technical solution for the video path of the central apparatus room was based on world-leading manufacturers, and was focused on informational and entertaining sporting events. A powerful graphics processing system allows graphical and video materials to be shown live on the stadium’s large screens. The sound system for transmission over the public address speakers comes from a single video and audio apparatus room. There is a system for processing, amplification, and automatic adjustment of the sound level depending on the background noise produced by the audience in the stands. Together with our partners, we developed a unique electro-acoustic system with a suspension system.

The works performed allow any organisation broadcasting at the stadium to save time and cost of deployment, and to work in an HD production environment.

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