Stadium "Zenit-Arena"

Equipping the stadium with a full range sound reinforcement complex

One of the largest stadiums in Russia and in parallel a home arena of the football club "Zenit" was built specifically for the World Cup 2018. The unique building, designed by the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, holds 68 thousand spectators and allows to hold matches even in winter.

The specialists from "OKNO-TV" carried out the sound amplification of the arena, the grandstands, the adjacent area for people's moving and VIP zones, press centre zones, including simultaneous interpretation on the second largest stadium of our country. The operating room of the multimedia hardware system of the stadium, which carried out the management of the stadium, was equipped. The "intershum" signal generation system, technological television, the internal communication system (media technologies), the internal network of mobile television stations, the system of ensuring the work of commentators ' places, and the system of communication of commentators were also designed, delivered and passed the pre-operational tests.

The works on sound equipment installation were carried out at the height of the 18th floor of a standard house, during the works the company developed and applied its own technology of lifting and installation of the multi-ton equipment to a height of 62 meters.

The FIFA Commission recognized the organization and technical equipment of the championship stadiums as the best in the history of the games.

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