Dynamo club volleyball arena

Technical fit out of sports complex

At the end of 2019, OKNO-TV completed a project to equip the Dynamo club volleyball arena, located in the Match Point complex.

OKNO-TV specialists designed and launched systems of TV and radio broadcasting, cable, terrestrial and satellite television, sound amplification, intercom and simultaneous translation’s systems for the sports complex.

Our engineers created a single media production centre with the possibility of showing team sports, and infrastructure for broadcasting. We also introduced a video refereeing system for volleyball.

The implemented broadcast system allows for broadcasts of any complexity. Now it is the arena’s own resources can be used to stream for local and network broadcasting, as well as using an outside broadcast vehicle from MATCH-TV for a wide international audience in case of major international matches and tournaments.

The sound, intercom and simultaneous translation’s systems of the sports complex provide for press conferences and corporate events in the arena.Its main advantage lies in a single automated control system and integration with the related media systems of the complex.

The OKNO-TV team commissioned a cable, terrestrial and satellite television system, which is also used to watch internal TV channels, broadcast commercials and information clips from digital media. The system allows the creation of an individual interface, and the branding and upload of content.

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