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Gosteleradiofund (State Television and Radio Fund)

Creating a media archive centre

OKNO-TV created an archive centre for one of the world’s largest collections of film, video and photographic materials.

The unique content is now securely stored and available for use by future generations thanks to the solutions provided by OKNO-TV’s specialists.

The centre is implemented on the basis of a high-performance data storage system, supplemented by a tape library and storage facility. Powerful video servers and workstations are used to digitize, upload and play the data. For tagging, search or preview of digitized materials, the media management system can be reached via web-server from other Gosteleradiofund offices.

The centre has provided high-quality digitization, reliable storage and easy search and browse of the priceless content of television classics, reflecting the entire history, art and culture of our country.

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