Upgrading of the hardware-studio unit

In August 2020, OKNO-TV completed the work on a project to upgrade the the hardware-studio unit of Channel 12 in the city of Omsk.

The TV channel’s complex includes 2 hardware-studio units  and a control operating room of major forms, wherein our engineers have replaced all the equipment. The specialists of OKNO-TV equipped the hardware-studio unit with a new state-of-art video-mixer, microphones, lighting devices, light control panel; and they have upgraded the equipment of a video and audio track. Now, a remote (automated) work with cameras is enabled in the hardware-studio unit, and fully equipped work stations are provided for a video director.
OKNO-TV completed the project a month ahead of schedule. Channel 12 has obtained a completely new hardware-studio complex enabling to broadcast in a high quality HD format.

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