TV channel "Channel 6"

Development and launching of the budget regional TV Studio in HD format

The television company "Channel 6" Vladimir aired from a new modern television studio on November 15, 2012. This particular channel became the pioneer of digital television broadcasting on the territory of the Vladimir Region.

Works on construction of the television complex in the new building, located at the address Razina Street, 21 began in June 2012. Construction and technical works were carried out under the control of the company "WINDOW-TV". The main task was to build a television complex in the shortest possible time.

The company "WINDOW TV" started to install the high-tech HD equipment in October 2012. Our specialists transformed the new building of the telecomplex: they built the spacious pavilion with a modern lighting system and the production television studio.

"It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the modernization of the channel, which took place on "Channel 6". Of course, this is a new word, it is a big grandiose step to enter a new digital family in our country," said Denis Moskvin, the General Director of "MS Holding" during the channel's air.

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