Astrakhan 24 television channel

The build and launch of a modern television centre with continuous around-the-clock broadcast in full HD.

The management of the “Astrakhan 24” TV channel and OKNO-TV’s specialists were faced with the task of creating a new centre that would meet the demands of the government Astrakhan Region in record time.

Because the selected building was not suitable for the creation of a television centre, construction works were necessary before the OKNO-TV engineers were able to start their installation. The go-live date for broadcasting was set for the 1st March 2014. One of the largest regional channels was formed in three months and went straight to air without test transmission time. Because of the immense attention to detail, there was not a single interruption to the service.

Now Astrakhan 24 produces and broadcasts all materials exclusively in HD, and receives direct links from any city in Russia, and even abroad. The channel has its own design studio and music production centre for creation of graphics and promo material creation.

In the future, Astrakhan 24 plans to start broadcasting sports events. The channel and its technological system is laid out in such a way as to allow systems and functions to be added to meet future needs.

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