TV channel Astrakhan 24

Creation and launch of a modern television complex with continuous around the clock broadcasting in Full HD format

The management of the Astrakhan 24 TV channel and OKNO-TV company specialists were faced with the task of building a new complex in accordance with the demand set by the Government of the Astrakhan Region in record time.

The news processing and creation complex is built on the basis of a solution that allows channel employees to work simultaneously on the same material.

Due to the fact that the selected building was not adapted to the construction of the television complex, they first made repairs, and after that OKNO-TV engineers started the installation. The launch date of the broadcasting of the new channel was appointed March 1st, 2014. One of the largest regional channels was erected in three months without test broadcasting. Due to the fact that the project was deeply verified, there were no broadcast failures.

Now Astrakhan 24 produces and issues all materials exclusively in HD-quality and carries out direct broadcasts from any city in Russia and even other countries. The channel has its own design studio and musical arrangement complex for creating promotional videos and graphic design.

In the future, Astrakhan 24 plans to start broadcasting sports competitions. The channel was designed and built to meet future needs.

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