E TV television channel

The First Stage – upgrade and migration of the television channel to Russia

E TV is one of few channels in the world that covers esports. Its main themes are news from that industry and ideas for realising solutions in the worlds of video gaming and technology.

In 2017, E TV moved from Vilnius to Moscow. In November of that year the construction of Studio production space, control areas and offices was started. At that time E TV and OKNO-TV began a close cooperation. Our specialists designed this TV channel to completely new requirements, changed the format to Full HD, increased the number of studio areas and worked out the correct equipment for the task. In February of 2018, E TV went on air.

As dismantling and construction works began, another organisation appeared, RiotGames. And in January 2018, Motorsport TV also joined. OKNO-TV had to quickly revise the design of the complex, taking into account the needs of the new partners.

In line with the appearance of new participants, we immediately started working on several fronts: preparing to broadcast RiotGames at the winter and summer ContinentalLeague tournaments, launching a hardware scoring system for Motorsport TV, studio complexes for E TV and RiotGames, and also a live broadcast studio for E TV.

During the next stage, the plan is to upgrade the scoring system to broadcast hardware, as well as to launch another studio complex.

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