TV channel "E TV"

The first stage: modernization and move of the TV channel to Russia

E TV channel is one of the few channels in the world covering e-sports. The main topics relate to industry news and ideas for implementing solutions in the world of video games and technologies.

In 2017, E TV moved from Schengen to Moscow. In November, the construction of pavilions and hardware-studio blocks, editorials and offices zones began. At this stage, E TV and OKNO-TV started working together. Our experts designed the TV channel for new needs, changed the format to Full HD, increased the number of pavilions and sorted out the existing range of equipment. In February 2018, E TV was aired.

At the beginning of dismantling and construction work, another RiotGames organization appeared in the project. And in January 2018, the company Motorsport TV entered into a partnership. WINDOW-TV quickly revised the concept of the complex in connection with the needs of the new partners.

In connection with the emergence of new participants, we worked in several directions at once: providing RiotGames broadcasts at the ContinentalLeague winter and summer tournaments, launching hardware scoring for Motorsport TV, broadcasting equipment for two E TV and MotorsportTV channels, hardware-studio units for E TV and RiotGames, as well as for live TV for E TV.

At the next stage of work, it is planned to modernize hardware scoring to broadcast hardware, as well as launch another hardware-studio Block.

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