Modernization of regional TV channels

In 2019, OKNO-TV carried out technical work in 10 Russian cities as part of a large-scale project to modernize VGTRK branches.

In Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Tomsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Stavropol, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, our specialists delivered, installed, and commissioned modern television equipment for digital program production. The new equipment allows TV programs to be produced for distribution as part of the primary multiplex, and enables switching to tapeless media content processing and the centralisation of all production processes.

OKNO-TV engineers installed a special lighting system in the VGTRK’s “Yamal”, “Ugoria”, “Pomorie” and “Chukotka” branches, making it possible to create a complete lighting circuit within each studio. The system provides connectivity for all types of lighting fixtures with the option to control equipment remotely.

Now, thanks to the work carried out in the VGTRK branches, the regional TV channels produce high-quality content in HD format.

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