NTV Plus

Russia’s first HD channel – NTV Plus Sport

NTV Plus Sport is Russia’s first TV Sports channel, which began broadcasting back in 1996. The channel conducted broadcasts from both World and European Championships with professional journalists and commentators.

In 2008, OKNO-TV completed NTV Plus first television centre in Russia, broadcasting in high definition (HD). Our specialists equipped the centre with systems to manage the company’s media assets as well as an automation system. The graphic design systems, disk array and long-term archive installed in the complex were based on the most advanced hardware available at the time.

After this, the OKNO-TV team carried out an upgrade of the broadcast control room of NTV Plus. As a part of this upgrade, our engineers installed additional video servers, matrices, graphics workstations, modules, and a video signal display system.

Thanks to the commissioning of 4 new channels, NTV Plus was able to increase the number of channels it was transmitting from the control room of Ostankino television and technical centre to 14.

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