The First Russian High-Definition Channel - NTV-Plus Sport

NTV-Plus Sport is the first Russian sports TV-channel, which began broadcasting back in 1996. The channel conducted its own broadcasts from World and European Championships with professional journalists and commentators.

In 2008, OKNO-TV completed the project on creating the first television complex in Russia of NTV-Plus, which broadcasted in high definition format (HD). Our specialists equipped the complex with systems for managing company’s media-data and the automation system. The graphic design systems, operating disk array, and the long-term archive installed in the complex were based on the advanced hardware of those years.

Then, a team of OKNO-TV provided the upgrading of the broadcasting control room of NTV-Plus. In the course of upgrading, our engineers installed additional video-servers, matrices, broadcasting design systems, modules, and a video-signal display system.

Thanks to the commissioning of 4 new channels, NTV-Plus was able to increase the number of formed broadcast channels from the broadcasting control room in the Ostankino Television and Technical Center to 14.

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