NVK Sakha

Equipping the television studios

In 2014, OKNO-TV equipped the studios for NVK Sakha television company.

A new broadcasting centre was launched, in which programmes are created for 2 round the clock television channels. OKNO-TV’s engineers built a sound-recording digital complex for radio transmission, introduced the news studio and created the cable transmission path for the NVK+ channel in Yakutsk.

There are two working areas in the broadcasting complex: the server room and a broadcast apparatus room. OKNO-TV’s specialists evaluated the customers plans for radio and television broadcast of NVK Sakha, and created a complex based on the principle of a single set of input sources for the two channels, with an expansion path up to four channels if required.

The technical equipment upgrade, brought about with the help of OKNO-TV, won praise for the company at national level. The new facility of NVK Sakha was recognised as the best broadcast facility amongst the regions of the Russian Federation.

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