NVK Sakha

Equipment of the filming pavilion

In 2014, OKNO-TV equipped the filming pavilion of the NVK Sakha television company.

A new broadcasting complex was launched, on the basis of which programs are created for two round-the-clock television channels. OKNO-TV engineers built a sound recording digital broadcasting complex, introduced the Novosti hardware-studio block and created cable television for the NVK + channel in Yakutsk.

The broadcasting complex consists of two working areas: a server room and a broadcast hardware room. OKNO-TV specialists, evaluated the plans of the Sakha TV and radio broadcasting customer, and created a complex on the principle of a single set of broadcast sources for 2 broadcast channels, which can be expanded to 4 channels if necessary.

Technical re-equipment carried out with the help of OKNO-TV brought fame to the Yakut television company at the national level. The new hardware and software block of NVK Sakha was recognized as the best broadcasting complex among the regions of the Russian Federation

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