Public Television of Russia

New time zone broadcasting complex

At the end of December 2019, OKNO-TV completed a project on building a complex for regional inserts in a signal of the "Public Television of Russia" (OTR) TV-channel.

In the shortest possible time, OKNO-TV specialists designed and built a single complex of television and technical facilities intended for automated formation of broadcast programs for five broadcasting zones in the Russian Federation.

The complexity of the project implementation was to place the on-air part of the complex in two locations. Production work stations, Technical Control Department, and video editing rooms needed to be designed in OTR’s premises on the fifth floor of Studio-Production Complex (ASK) 3 of the Ostankino Television & Technical Center. Server equipment and the new operational repository of media materials - in data processing machine rooms of Ostankino TTC. For guaranteed communication between the locations, our engineers have built a new technological part of the network infrastructure and laid fiber-optic lines for IP and video paths. Also, we have equipped a room in the premises of Ostankino TTC data processing center for backup broadcasting over five regional broadcasting zones with a system of automation of all video servers in the complex.

Now, the new complex is able to insert programs of mandatory public TV-channels in the air of OTR in all constituents of the Russian Federation.

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