Omsk Television Company

Building a television centre

On 1st December 2014, a new season began for the Prodvizheniye TV channel. The OTC team prepared new programmes for their viewers, including a talk show, an intellectual game, a night time channel and a morning programme in a non-standard format “Morning Online”. With the emergence of new content, the company decided to upgrade its capacity to improve the quality of broadcast.

Towards the start of the new season, OKNO-TV completely modernised all these projects, having changed the designed solution and picture quality. Our specialists built a new multimedia facility, including the television centre, press hall with a newsroom for journalists.

The facility built by OKNO-TV’s team is the largest of its kind, not only in the Siberian federal area, but indeed in the entire eastern part of Russia. It covers an area of 5,500m2.

Using the new television centre, the Prodvizheniye channel has both simplified and greatly increased content production. The studios spaces allow the filming of talk shows with a large studio audience.

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