Channel One. Worldwide Network

Upgrade to Broadcast Centre

Channel One Worldwide Network or Channel One Russia Worldwide is a subsidiary of Russia’s largest federal TV channel – Channel One. The main objective of Channel One Worldwide Network is to develop broadcasting abroad, and already covers 190 countries in five variations, taking into account the different time zones covered.

Cooperation between OKNO-TV and Channel One Worldwide Network began in 2013. Our team delivered a project upgrading the broadcasting centre. We also launched a media archive enabling the archiving of a high volume of media files.

The newly automated broadcasting centre allowed the company to transition to broadcasting in HD and introduced a new tapeless production process. Our specialists increased the number of broadcast channels to 20. All channels are equipped with graphics workstations.

OKNO-TV introduced a Media Asset Management (MAM) system to manage the content within the production complex. This MAM system allowed the channel’s employees working with media assets to become much more efficient in their labour, with a number of routine processes being automated.

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