Channel One. Worldwide Network

Expansion of audio recording and editing facility

In November 2019, OKNO-TV completed a project to expand the audio recording and editing facility for “Channel one. Worldwide Network”.

The project concept of using vacant premises to expand the facility first appeared in 2017. Our engineers fully fitted out the recording and editing facility with video and audio equipment.

The facility consists of three sections, one of which works in 5.1 format. This section allows up to 20 simultaneous sources to be recorded. It also includes a microphone pool for different musical instruments, allowing large ensembles to be recorded: from a single reader to a vocal and musical ensemble. Two further sections allow a single voice to be recorded in stereo format.

Our team provided a feed to the studio and equipment area to allow voiceover of the video materials from each section.

The OKNO-TV specialists used studio monitors from world-leading manufacturers, which allow the playback characteristics to be adapted to take account of the acoustic properties of the recording space.

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