New IP-based hardware-aerial complex

At the end of 2020, OKNO-TV completed a project on construction of a new automated hardware-aerial complex for Channel One, the development whereof and preparation to launch it have continued for more than one year and a half.

Due to the new requirements of Channel One, the aerial complex was constructed using IP-technologies for transmitting video and audio streams. Also specialists of OKNO-TV provided the transition to a channel in the box process to produce aerial shows. We enabled them to use the graphical functionality of the complex to the maximum extent and to integrate the automated hardware-aerial complex with business applications of the TV-channel.

During the project implementation, our engineers performed multiple integrations with existing technological sections of the TV-channel and outer companies, including generation of an aerial schedule from the planning system of Channel One, integration with the central archives of TV-channel shows, transmission of data regarding the updated aerial schedule to the Internet Project Directorate, etc.

The customer obtained a new state-of-art automated hardware-aerial complex operating 24/7 with the minimum maintenance breaks.

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