Reconstruction of lighting complex for a studio stage of “RUSSIA 1” TV-channel

In autumn, 2018, OKNO-TV took part in a project on major reconstruction of a stage of production television studio No 1 of “RUSSIA 1” TV-channel of VGTRK (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company).

The reconstruction was global: the entire studio was completely remodeled, including electrical interconnections, decorations, equipment suspension system, and many other things. The upgraded modern design of the studio implied the use of devices with LED sources of light, including a LED strip.

Engineers of OKNO-TV had to deal with the particularity of LED lines placement throughout the decorations; there were plenty of them. For that reason there was a risk of multiple hindrances for sound and video tracts. Our specialists had successfully managed that issue by means of an expert wiring layout of power lines and control lines.

As part of that project, OKNO-TV team used a fixed-rail system on a ceiling which allows to relocate devices in a horizontal plane without any difficulty. We chose LED full-color lensed devices and LED paneling from global manufacturers as the principal sources of light and sources of filling light. The use of such state-of-art universal technologies allows a light artist to embody practically any creative idea.

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