STS Media Channel

Creating a new television technology centre

STS is a TV channel familiar to its viewers, who are drawn to its original and dynamic programmes. IT seeks to combine Russian and foreign programmes, serials and shows in its content.

The history of cooperation between OKNO-TV and STS Media began back in 2008, when our specialists upgraded the company’s television centre. The OKNO-TV team replaced old equipment and facilitated a new approach to channel design and the launch of tapeless technology for programme preparation.

In 2011, OKNO-TV implemented a project delivering a new television centre based on the newest technology for STS Media, a project which includes a programme production system, a production management system, a media asset management system, and a system for automation of video servers. The new complex allowed STS Media to completely transition to tapeless workflow – from the preparation of material to its transmission on air.

OKNO-TV continues to cooperate with STS Media. Since 2019, our engineers have been working on a project and installing software and equipment for a new media asset management system (MAM). The system will unify all the media resources of the TV company within one complex. The MAM will greatly increase the speed of processing media materials, facilitate their preparation for broadcast, and automate the process of receiving advertising content.

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