Channel "STS Media"

Creation of a new television technological complex

The TV channel STS is highly recognizable among viewers who are attracted to original and dynamic programs. It seeks to combine Russian and foreign programs, series and shows in its broadcasting grid.

The history of cooperation between STS Media and OKNO-TV began in 2010, when our specialists upgraded the company's television complex. The OKNO-TV team replaced obsolete equipment and provided new opportunities for channel design and the launch of tapeless technology.

In 2011, OKNO-TV company implemented a project for a new technological TV complex of STS Media television company. Also, specialists managed to integrate it with the existing hardware-ether complex.

In STS Media includes a program preparation complex, a television production management system, a media data management complex, an automation system, and video servers.

The new complex allowed STS Media to completely switch to tape-less technology: from creating materials to their broadcasting.

OKNO-TV company continues the cooperation with STS Media. In 2018, our engineers began installing software and equipment for the new control system (MAM). The system will combine all the media resources of the television company into one complex. MAM will increase the speed of processing media materials, facilitate the preparation of materials for broadcasting and automate the process of receiving advertising materials.

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