Dozhd TV Channel

Design and construction of a studio facility

In 2010 OKNO-TV completed a project to build a studio facility for the new channel Dozhd.

Engineers fully equipped Studio control rooms 1 and 2, and studio areas in the format of “Open Space” and “Art Studio”. Work was also carried out in the program production, content ingest and MCR areas.

While developing the concept, OKNO-TV proposed and implemented a technical solution that ensured the distributed usage and access to shared technical resources across the two studios.

In line with this philosophy – openness and experimentation, the channel boasts the only open studio in Russia. Our professionals were able to select all essential equipment, and also helped to find technical furniture in the pink colours of Dozhd TV.

OKNO-TV’s specialists carried out the full range of engineering and installation services, meeting all the core requirements of the customer, and provided full integration with the channel’s existing IT structure.

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