TV channel Rain

Design and construction of a hardware-studio complex

In 2010, OKNO-TV completed a project to build a hardware-studio complex for the new TV channel Rain.

Engineers made full technical equipment of the hardware-studio block -1 and 2, television studios in the format of “Open Space” and “Art Studio”. Also, work was done in hardware engineering control, hardware program formation and hardware content loading.

When developing the concept of the complex, OKNO-TV proposed and implemented a technical solution that ensured the distributed use of common technological resources in two hardware-studio blocks.

In accordance with the philosophy - openness and experiment - the channel is equipped with the only open studio in Russia. Our professionals were able to pick up all the necessary equipment, and also helped to find the console of the company's pink color of the  TV channel Rain

OKNO-TV specialists completed a full range of engineering and installation works, provided all the basic requirements of the customer and full integration with the channel’s IT structure.
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