Kazan TV channel – Kazan

HD Format Migration

In 2014, OKNO-TV completed a project to modernize the installation of one of Tatarstan’s leading TV channels – Kazan.

The aim of the project was to modernize the studio block as a part of migrating the entire television company to HD.

OKNO-TV and Kazan decided to start with the upgrade of the News Studio complex for the high-quality daily live news broadcasts. The previous studio was already working to out-of-date standards. OKNO-TV replaced all the studio equipment and all video equipment, which had last been changed in 2004.

OKNO-TV’s specialists installed modern HD cameras, a new router, and created a new backup workflow virtually in a day. As a result, the rack space and intercoms were freed up by 80%, and the old equipment was removed.

The project was developed and implemented in a very short timescale – instead of the 99 days planned in the contract, it took just 60 days.

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