TV Channel Kazan

Switch to digital path in 60 days

In 2014, OKNO-TV completed a project to modernize the complex of one of Tatarstan's leading television channels, Kazan.

The aim of the project was to modernize the hardware-studio complex as part of the transfer of the entire production of the television company to the HD format.

OKNO-TV and Kazan decided to start with the modernization of the hardware-studio complex for high-quality daily live news broadcasts. The former channel complex did not meet modern standards. OKNO-TV replaced all the studio equipment of the television company and the video path of the hardware-studio block, which were installed for the last time in 2004.

Specialists of OKNO-TV installed modern HD-cameras, a new matrix and created a backup scheme of the complex's operation almost in a day. As a result of the work done, the racks and communications were freed up by 80%, and the old bulky appliances disappeared.

The project was developed and implemented in a short time - instead of the 99 days planned by the contract, it took 60 days.
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