New hardware-studio unit

In June, 2020, OKNO-TV completed the construction of a new hardware-studio unit  for SPAS TV-channel broadcasting since 2013. The channel is aimed at the spiritual development of people of our country and raising of people’s awareness about the meaning and laws of life.

The specialists of OKNO-TV installed a five-chamber studio in the new hardware-studio unit , including a video mixer, matrix switch, studio recording / playback, sound mixers, and wireless microphone systems. Our engineers equipped the hardware-studio unit with a repository system from a global vendor, arranged stations for non-linear editing and delivered a special lighting system.

The OKNO-TV team has successfully completed the project during the difficult times of "self-isolation" and finished the work on schedule.
The new state-of-art studio of SPAS will allow to increase the productivity of the TV-channel. By the end of 2020, it is planned to film more than ten projects, the main of which will be a daily hours-long morning telethon.
"We will try to make people start their day with us and get a kind of "spiritual charging" for the day to come. It will be a morning with such content and meanings which will make your entire day." - commented the General Director of the TV-channel, Boris Korchevnikov.

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