TV channel "Zvezda"

News hardware and software complex

The TV channel belongs to the Zvezda media group, which is supervised by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In 2011, OKNO-TV company carried out the design and installation of a hardware-studio complex and upgraded the multichannel broadcasting block for Zvezda TV channel. Our team has created a complex automation system for the production of information and entertainment television programs and their broadcasting in recording or in direct broadcast mode.

In the same year, the company implemented another project - a tapeless complex for the preparation and broadcasting of news on the air.

OKNO-TV engineers used the enterprise-level hardware and software system as a media data management platform. Moreover, the program is used for the preparation and delivery of news media content on the air, in addition, studio video servers and graphic design elements for media content were installed.

The broadcasting part of the complex is designed on the principle of full redundancy. All key devices have a duplicate device that will be included in the event of a failure of the main module.

Continuing the cooperation, OKNO-TV in 2017 introduced a traffic management system that integrates with the advertising department, accounting, and the broadcast complex itself. The system automated the processes of working with media data in various formats. Every year, our specialists carry out work to modernize and increase the capacity of the channel.

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