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The channel is part of the Zvezda media group.

In 2011, OKNO-TV completed the design and installation of the studio complex of the Zvezda TV channel. Our team created the automation systems for the production of news and entertainment programme material and their recording or live transmission.

OKNO-TV engineers installed a Dalet hardware and software platform to control the media assets. A single production format is used to prepare and transmit to air news media content, by means of studio video servers and graphics workstations.

The transmission element of the complex is running in a fully redundant workflow. All essential equipment has a hot-redundant backup unit, which automatically takes over in the case of the main unit failing.

Continuing this collaboration, OKNO-TV introduced a traffic management system in 2017, which integrates with the advertising department, the accounting department and the on-air complex itself. The system has automated workflows with media assets in various formats.

Every year, our specialists carry out work to modernize and expand the capacity of the channel.

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