Creation of a new television complex "from scratch"

In February, 2020, OKNO-TV completed a project on building a new television complex for AIST TV-company in the city of Irkutsk.

Our specialists have equipped all components of the TV-channel with advanced systems, namely: an on-air control operating room, two filming pavilions, and operational storage. Also, the OKNO-TV engineers have implemented a news automation system in a newsroom, which consists of 15 work stations.

For the first time, the OKNO-TV team has installed controlled PTZ cameras in the filming pavilion. Such off-standard decision was made to automate the workflow and to optimize the staff of the TV-channel. A unique feature of the project is that OKNO-TV was the first in Russia to integrate the domestic broadcasting equipment Softlab with the automated news system of Avid global brand. Thus, it was possible to combine the equipment of the Russian manufacturer of broadcast servers with the world leader, thereby reducing the costs for building the complex.

Upon the end of the project, the customer has obtained a new state-of-art TV-complex, which broadcasts 24 hours a day in a high-definition HD format.

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