Building a studio graphics complex

NTV has been steadily among the top three leaders in the domestic television market for more than 25 years. It is not only a people’s TV-channel, but is also a highly professional channel, which is evidenced by annual awards of the Russian Television Academy, TEFI.
In 2013, OKNO-TV created a Studio Graphics Complex for NTV. The purpose of the Complex construction was the generation, distribution, and delivery of graphic signals from two hardware-studio blocks No 15 and No 18 to three pavilions.
Engineers  of OKNO-TV focused on a design of the studio space using video walls, projectors, and monitor panels in the project of designing the NTV's news pavilions.
The technological complex operates on a 24/365 basis. Our specialists built it on the basis of a solution that provides full redundancy of the main tracts of graphic signal generation in HD formats.
The new complex allowed to create a dynamic space full of information in the studio design of NTV news.

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