NTV Television Company

Migration of TV company to HD Format

For more than 25 years, NTV has held its place amongst the nation’s top three domestic broadcasters. Not just a folk channel, but one with the highest professional standards, something borne out by annual awards from the Russian Television Academy TEFI.

In 2013, OKNO-TV built a studio graphics solution for NTV. The purpose of the solution was the formation, distribution and delivery of graphics signals from the two studio complexes into three pavilions. The OKNO-TV engineers paid close attention to the design of the studio space, using videowalls, projectors and large monitor screens in the news studios design.

The centre works 24/7, 365 days a year. Our specialists built the solution based on all main paths having full redundancy of the HD graphics signal. The new centre made it possible to create a dynamic space, saturated with information in the NTV news studio.

Since 2016, OKNO-TV’s specialists have been working on creating a new 10-channel broadcast centre, built on standard IP infrastructure and the most advanced IP technology. The modernisation of all studios spaces and control rooms was carried out, a modular multi-channel ingest system and media archive created, allowing video materials to be introduced into the overall production cycle.

The news preparation and broadcast was migrated to an HD format. Now the entire complex is fully integrated into the existing transport network of Ostankino, built on IP technologies to meet the requirements of NTV’s central apparatus room.

The new broadcast centre now gives the NTV viewers full HD content.

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