NTV Television Company

Studio graphics complex. Transferred of NTV television company to broadcast in HDTV format

For more than 25 years, NTV has been stable one of the three leaders in the domestic television market. This is not only a folk channel, but also a highly professional channel, which is confirmed by the annual prizes of the Russian Television Academy TEFI.

In 2013, OKNO-TV created a complex of studio graphics for NTV. The purpose of the complex was the information, distribution and delivery of graphic signals from two hardware-studio units into three pavilions. OKNO-TV engineers paid great attention to the design of the studio space using video walls, projectors and monitor panels in the design project for NTV news pavilions.

The technological complex operates around the clock 365 days a year. Our experts built it on a solution that provides full redundancy of the main paths for generating a graphic signal in HD-formats. The new complex made it possible to create a designed dynamic space, saturated information in the NTV news studio.

Since 2016, OKNO-TV specialists have been working on the creation of a new 10-channel broadcast complex. All studio pavilions and hardware-studio blocks were modernized, a modular system of multi-channel ingest and media archive was created, through which video materials fall into the general production cycle. Also, the translation of the news preparation and delivery system into HD format was carried out. The next step was the creation of hardware-based software based on IP-technologies. The complex is fully integrated into the existing transport network of Ostankino, built on the basis of IP-technologies, to solve the problems of the central hardware NTV.

The new broadcast complex provides NTV viewers with full HD-quality content.
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