OTV TV company

New hardware-studio complex

Oblastnoe television (OTV) is one of the largest Russian regional television channels that broadcasts in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. The channel has its own programming and the largest broadcast coverage - 100% of the region’s population.

In January 2013, we commissioned the hardware and studio complex of the OTV television company.

The OKNO-TV team has expanded the technical park: it has created two new hardware-studio blocks, an on-air hardware room and a server room. Our experts have replaced the entire park of the television and journalistic complex. The channel has a backup system that allows broadcasting without interruption during force majeure.

A feature of the project was a modern automation system based on digital news production technologies. With its help, there is an instant processing of any video and sound information, and it's broadcasting in high resolution.

OKNO-TV engineers adapted technologically unsuitable rooms for the tasks of television production and created a unique filming pavilion that is not inferior to the level of federal television channels. The new studio "Oblastnoe Television" was designed in 6 months.

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