Russia Today television company

Developing a new HD centre

2005 can be considered a landmark year for our company. It was then that we began our cooperation with what was at that time still a small team from Russia Today. Starting from scratch, we created a high quality new production base for multi-format news transmission. And our cooperation continues today. For more than 15 years, we have been planning and expanding the technical capabilities of this media holding throughout the world.

As part of a separate project, OKNO-TV arranged the migration from the old headquarters on Zubovsky Boulevard to a new centre. The channel did not cease broadcasting for a single minute. Viewers watched in real time as the presenter in the old studio handed over to the presenter in the new studio.

To deliver this project, we gathered together the best resources from the leading equipment manufacturers. The technical director of Russia Today Andrey Bukashkin rated highly the results of the work: “I do not remember a time when a complex of this scale was built at such lightning pace – within 15 months. For this, special thanks go to our integrator – OKNO-TV”.

Today, the Russian international, multi-language information and news channel “Russia Today” is broadcast over more than 100 countries in English, Arabic, Spanish and French languages.

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