“Stream” TV Company

Television-production facility of virtual reality

In July, 2019, OKNO-TV completed a project on implementation of a television-production facility of virtual reality for “STREAM” TV Company in Moscow. As part of the project, the specialists of OKNO-TV together with engineers of the customer created and commissioned the first virtual studio in Russia which operates in 4K format.

The studio provides a few modes of operation, including the augmented reality mode, and it has three cameras equipped with a position tracking system. This system provides full freedom for camera movement around the studio and connection with virtual scenes applied for filming.

For the first time not only in Russia, but in the entire world, software has been used for visualization in UHD format which allows to obtain a high quality image approximated to reality. The multiple additional features include animation of 3D simulations, connection with external data sources, and import of 3D simulations from all known simulation environments.

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