Creating a system for producing and broadcasting news programs for JDIP (Joint Directorate of Information Programs).

In October 2019, the OKNO-TV team completed a project to create a technical system for production and transmission of news from the Joint Directorate of Information Programs based on a single information pool for the VGTRK television company.

Our experts successfully set up a single tool for news production and broadcasting, and transitioned to a completely tapeless workflow, from the stage of gathering information from all available sources and social media all the way to broadcasting. OKNO-TV established an operational archive of media materials for VGTRK based on the first Russian object storage and ensured the transition of JDIP operation to new-generation hardware and software. We developed and fine-tuned operational processes of the system without interrupting the broadcast of news and themed programs.

As a result of our work implementing the system, the customer received a modern complex, a unified technology for transferring media materials to the operational and unified archive of VGTRK, as well as the possibility to monitor all actions occurring in the system.

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