Broadcasting company "Gubernia"

Multitasking mobile TV six-cameras station

In October 2012, OKNO-TV specialists commissioned a multi-tasking mobile 6-cameras television station based on the Volkswagen Crafter chassis for the Guberniya TV and Radio Company (Samara Gubernskoe Television).

Mobile tv station is used for on-site filming of various events and for live broadcasting.

The engineers of OKNO-TV took into account when designing the need to place workplaces for the director, assistant directors, sound engineer and video engineer. Also installed instrument racks with video and audio equipment.

The equipment included video recording, playback and slow-motion repetition systems, intercom systems, a monitor wall, a commentary console, Mobile tv station life support systems and a cable compartment for external connections. There was also noise and heat insulation of the working compartment.

OKNO-TV equipped Mobile tv station with modern equipment of the world's leading brands in the industry.

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