Broadcasting Company "Petersburg- Channel Five"

News hardware and software complex

Broadcasting Company "Petersburg - Channel Five" - the federal channel, which is the successor to the oldest in Russia (USSR), Leningrad television. Currently, the channel issues informational, analytical, entertainment programs and shows, documentaries and feature films and series.

In 2012, OKNO-TV specialists built a modern news hardware-studio complex based on a modern news platform for the broadcasting company Petersburg-Fifth Channel.

The complex provides the possibility of producing and broadcasting daily information programs, storing and maintaining a single database of news stories.

The new hardware-software complex consists of a hardware-software news block, two independent hardware-studio blocks with a single technical hardware, 20 workplaces for non-linear montage of newsroom premises for correspondents and an archive.

The broadcasting part of the complex is built on the principle of full redundancy - all key devices of the complex have a duplicate device located in the hot reserve.

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