Ostankino TV Center

Modernisation of the main studios to upgrade to HD

As part of a long-term project to modernise Ostankino Television Centre, Europe’s largest broadcast transmission centre, OKNO-TV’s team of specialists deployed updated studio complexes, from where a number of state channels, including Channel 1 and NTV are both recorded and broadcast live.

The main task set before OKNO-TV was to organise the transmission in HD and the modernisation of workflow into 3G-SDI format with multi-channel audio, a task which the company achieved brilliantly. In order not to interrupt the filming of TV shows taking place in the studio complexes, all works were carried out in the shortest possible times during pre-agreed maintenance windows.

The company supplied, installed, and commissioned new routing equipment, multi-viewers, synchronisation and communications lines and mixing equipment, and increased the number of camera channels in each complex. Thanks to the increased quantity of audio signals (both microphone and radio microphone), the audio capabilities of the studios were also expanded.

In addition to all this, we created a unique multi-functional transport network based on IP technology, the realisation of which won for the company the prestigious V Zvorykin television technology award.

The works carried out allowed the production of television programs at Ostankino to reach a new, higher level of quality.

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