Ostankino TV Center

Modernization of the main hardware-studio units in connection with the transition to HD-format

As part of a long-term project to modernize the largest broadcasting complex-television center Ostankino in Europe, OKNO-TV experts put into operation updated hardware-studio blocks, from where live and in recording is broadcasting the programs of Channel One.

The main task set for OKNO-TV was the organization of broadcasting in HD and the modernization of work in 3G-SDI format with multi-channel sound, which the company coped brilliantly. In order not to interrupt the shooting of TV shows taking place in the hardware-studio units, all work was done as soon as possible.

The company supplied, installed and adjusted the work of switching equipment, multiscreen display system, synchronization and intercom communications, mixers and increased the number of cameras in modernized hardware rooms. Due to the increase in the number of sources of sound signals (microphones and radio microphones), it expanded the possibilities of the sound path of the hardware-studio block.

In addition, we have created a unique multifunctional transport network, for the implementation of which our company received the prestigious V. Zvorykin Television Technical Award.

The work performed allowed us to raise the preparation of television programs to a new and better level.

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