VGTRK (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company)

Implementation and launch of hidden subtitling systems

In 2013, within the implementation of the state program of the Russian Federation Government, OKNO-TV carried out designing, supply, and launch of hidden subtitling systems for TV-shows for broadcasting complexes of such TV-channels as Russia-1 and Culture.

Functional systems may be divided in two parts: work stations for drawing, preparation, and editing of subtitles and the system for inserting those subtitles in broadcasting signals. OKNO-TV specialists provided Russia-1 and Culture with 16 and 12 editor workstations, respectively, subject to the scope of subtitling. Also our engineers organized work stations for digitization of content from VTRs using state-of-art software.

The system for inserting subtitles into the broadcasting signals at Russia-1 was arranged separately for HD- and SD-tracts. Following the results of work, those two TV-channels of VGTRK were equipped with high-quality hidden subtitling systems.

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