MSU Graduate School of Television

Modernization of the hardware-studio unit

The Higher School of Economics of Moscow State University was created on the initiative of the largest Russian television channels in need of highly qualified personnel with a university education.

The goal of the school of television is to train professional television people who are able to uphold the principles of a free democratic press and Russia's national interests. Professional equipment appeared at the faculty in 2010. The complex was analog and was actively used by students until the equipment failed.

The aim of the project was to create a hardware-studio block, as close as possible to the real working conditions of future specialists. It was decided to completely change the production technology, switch to HD format. OKNO-TV engineers installed the equipment. They managed to keep the existing console, replacing only the countertop. Cable routes were also updated, a new type of cable was put into operation to pass the HD signal, and they were neatly and professionally installed.

A feature of the project was the implementation of the task of filming master classes in an existing neighboring audience, where open lessons are held. Now all cameras are integrated with the studio. The company OKNO-TV designed the complex with the possibility of further stages of modernization and improvement of equipment.

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